EZ Runner Micro Strips Permanent REFILL


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The E-Z Runner® Micro Refill is the same Permanent Strips adhesive you know and love, but at only 1/8″ wide. The adhesive is centered on the liner for easy application. The size allows for precise application on edges, intricate die cuts and tiny elements.

This E-Z Runner® Micro Refill fits into the E-Z Runner® Micro Refillable dispenser and all of the E-Z Runner® Refillable dispensers.

  • 39ft of .08in wide pre-cut strips of permanent, double-sided, white adhesive
  • Apply in curves, circles and lines.
  • Perfect for small pieces or intricate details
  • Color coordinated refills for each adhesive type

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Dimensions 4 × 3.5 × 0.75 in