Liquitex Resin Sand Texture Gel 8oz


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Liquitex sand textured gel is a finely textured medium which, when dry, shows the shiny characteristics of sand. It allows for the creation of rough-textured surfaces and textured effects.

Liquitex sand textured gel can be mixed with acrylic colours and used as a background for acrylic, oil, oil pastel, and graphite works when delicate strokes and shading are necessary.

Flexible and adhesive, it does not crack, is light and dries into a water-resistant surface which does not yellow. It mixes with other textured gels and mediums to create a range of textures.

Use :
Can be painted once dry.
Important information :
Do not mix with oil.
It may be sensitive to abrasion. For protection, cover with a coat of varnish.
Supports: suitable for all supports.


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